Leopards Lair Cottages offer incredible views of the Tsavo wilderness; an exciting wilderness escape and an excellent opportunity to explore Lumo and Tsavo in true comfort and style.

Nestled within the heart of the Lumo Conservancy, close to the majestic Taita Hills and expansive Tsavo, the lodge promises a remarkable journey into the untamed wilderness of Kenya.

The intimate lodge on the same hill as the renowned Soroi Lions Bluff brings you closer to nature’s grandeur and the thrilling spectacle of African wildlife. The humble enclave of only four en-suite rooms, designed with local materials and warm, earthy colours, ensures an intimate and personal experience. This boutique approach allows Soroi Leopards Lair to seamlessly blend with its surroundings, enhancing your connection with the unspoiled environment.

Treat yourself to an awe-inspiring vista across the vibrant Tsavo ecosystem from the spacious verandas. From the verdant Taita Hills to the distant silhouette of Mount Kilimanjaro and onto Mukamazi in Tanzania, the view is a breathtaking tapestry of Africa’s unique landscapes. Soroi Leopards Lair is designed for those who seek a safari experience that strikes the perfect balance between adventure and comfort without the need for extravagant luxury. Here, we offer exceptional value for money while ensuring that your wilderness escape is everything you dreamed it would be.

Experience the thrill of close encounters with leopards, the elegance of waking up to exotic birds chirping, the serenity of sunsets over African plains, and the mystery of night-time in the bush. All of these are enveloped in the warm and friendly hospitality Kenya is famous for.
Welcome to Soroi Leopards Lair, where the magic of the African wilderness is always just a heartbeat away.

Tsavo is the oldest park in Kenya and it’s a huge wilderness, a wonderful and arid landscape. This kind of arid landscape offers a subtle but potentially wonderful safari experience, which is blissfully devoid of safari traffic. Make Leopards Lair Cottages your base for an elephant safari or any Tsavo Safari.

1 Night 15 Apr, 16 Apr, 17 Apr, and more Lumo, Taita-Taveta County
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