Kwezi Safaris Ltd offers intriguing East Africa Safari Experiences. As a local company based in Nairobi, Kenya, we are specialist in tailor-made African safaris and tours, catering both mid-range (premium) and luxury for solo travellers, couples, family and groups. We cover tours and safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. We are very much aware of the fragility of the eco-system in which we conduct business and we are commited to leave our world a better place. We maintain that this can be achieved, through service delivery that promote community development, conserve biodiversity, while still ensuring our guest enjoy memorable experiences. As such, we have developed this sustainability policy to guide our operations and our entire supply chain


  • Energy

We aim to reduce our energy consumption. We are working to achieve this through the following actions:

- Use of energy saving bulbs

-Switching off equipments and turning off the lights when not in use

-Maximizing the use of natural light -Have the equipment on energy saving mode

-Installing energy saving signage to sensitize the staff

-Have incentives to motivate employees to walk to work, carpool or use public means

-Purchasing energy efficient equipment

  • Water

Water is a very precious and scarce resource. We are always conscious of water usage and are keen on water conservation. We implement water conservation in our offices through the following actions:

- use dual flush toilets

- installation of water saving equipment [aerators, percussion taps, flow restrictors]

- sensitizing our stuff through water saving signage

- All taps are turned off when not in use

- Recycling grey water when feasable [e.g washing cars]

- Rain water harvesting 

  • Paper

We aim to reduce our paper usage. We have implemented the following measures to achieve this objective:

- We only print when it is absolutely necessary

- Ensuring that we print on boh sides of the paper

- We recycle paper for use - Paperless marketing

- we no longer print brochures

  • Procurement

Procurement of all consumable goods takes into acount environmental and social considerations. We have implemented this by:

- purchasing locally produced goods

- checking for product certification where such options are available [FSC certified paper, fairtrade coffee/tea]

- Rethinking packaging [buying in bulk to reduce packaging material and checking for reusable/biodegradable packaging]

- We use only biodegradable soaps and detergents.

  • Solid Waste

We are in compliance with the national legislation on management of solid waste. We have also implemented the following best practices

- We reduce our waste where feasible. e.g no plastic bottles, or single use of cups are used are used in the office etc.

- We recycle/reuse waste paper in the office - All our waste is seperated in the appropriate waste categories

- Shredding of paper


We constantly motivate our suppliers to be more sustainable in their operations. Our actions to this objective include:

- Ensuring all our contracted suppliers are aware of our sustainability policy

- Ensuring all our drivers and tour guides are well trained

- Providing a code of conduct for drivers and guides

- Promoting sustainable actions in transport providers [carpooling where feasible, energy efficient vehicles, well maintained cars]

- Giving priority to certified accommodations in our marketing

- Ensuring that 50% of our accommodation suppliers have been certified

- Sharing best practice articles and training opportunities with our suppliers


Our destinations are carefully selected to ensure they are in compliance with responsible tourism . In particular we check that the destinations we are working with have sound environmental management and benefit the local communities.

Giving back to the Society

One of our company╩╝s ethos is giving back to the society. We aim to do profitable business that is good for the plant and for the people. We give back to the community through the following ways:

- Supporting 2 schools, projects per year

- Participating and volunteering our time and skills in two community initiatives each year, such as planting of trees and cleaning our National Parks.

Engaging our clients

We recognize our responsibility as a sustainable business to our suppliers, destinations and even our clients. We are always engaging our clients in responsible tourism practices and initiatives. We achieve this through the following actions;

- Providing a code of conduct for visiting indigenous communities and nature conservation areas.

- Providing opportunities for voluntourism - Providing opportunities for carbon offsetting of emmisions from the clients╩╝ travel.

- Providing sustainable alternatives when booking trips [sustainable transport, certified accommodations, community projects, etc.]

Protection of children from exploitation

We have zero tolerance to any form of child exploitation, including forced labour, sexual exploitation. This is implemented in our office, for our client, through our supply chain. Finally, we reaffirm our commitment to improve the intergration of sustainability into our working environment and business process.