Terms and Conditions

Kwezi Safaris is committed to a policy of fair trading and great care is taken to see that you have a successful holiday.

All of the arrangements for your holiday are governed by the conditions below which must be read and then after sign our booking form.

  1. Payment – When you confirm your booking with us you must sign a booking form accepting these Booking Conditions and immediately pay the appropriate deposit. The balance of the safari cost is then due 45 days before the date of departure of the holiday. If your reservation is made within 45 days of departure, the entire price of the trip must be paid at the time of confirmation. Accepted methods of payments include direct bank wire transfers, pay online or locally by credit/debit at no extra cost- Visa/MasterCard/Amex accepted. PDQ machine payment is accepted at the store.If you decide to pay via bank or wire transfers, you are required to include bank charges incurred in the transaction.
  2. Cancellation by you – The deposit is paid to us as a sign of your willingness to utilize travel arrangements and accommodation which we reserve on your behalf. Should you, or any member of your booking, be forced to cancel your holiday reservation you must do so in writing and this must be signed by the person who signed the booking form. The cancellation will take effect from the date that written notice was received at our offices. All cancellations are subject to a charge payable by the person who signed the booking form as follows; 
  • For cancellations received 60 – 30 days before departure, 20% of the safari cost is forfeited.
  • For cancellations received 29-15 days before departure, 70% of the safari cost is forfeited.
  • For cancellations received 14 days or less before departure, 100% of the safari cost is forfeited; however you can contact your insurance company for the refund.
  • No-show will incur no refunds
  • There will be no refund for gorilla permits as this is a direct policy from the Uganda Wildlife Authority.
  • Please note that if you just postpone your holiday to a definite future date, you will only incur a 10% cancellation charge plus the gorilla permit fees which are non-refundable

3. Alterations by you -    All desired changes to your holiday reservation have to be put in writing. A change of holiday within 10 weeks of departure will be treated as a cancellation and charges will be levied as set out in Paragraph 2 above.

4. Insurance Scheme- It is a requirement, when booking your holiday that you arrange a policy yourself providing comparable or greater cover. This policy must also offer a 24-hour emergency telephone service.

5. A booking on a shared-room basis is only accepted on the understanding that if a roommate cannot be matched then you will be required to accept a single room and pay the appropriate single supplement.

6. We strongly condemn the collecting of any living specimens from the natural world. Our holidays provide the opportunity to watch and photograph wildlife only; not to disturb them!

7. All baggage and personal belongings are at all times at the passengers' own risk.

8. The passenger is responsible for ensuring that all travel documents (eg. Passport, Visa etc) are valid and effective.

9. Safari Price: Includes all expenses in respect of the safari vehicle, driver guide as per itinerary, meals while on safari, accommodation, and entrance fees to National parks and game reserves. Take note of the inclusions and exclusions in each itinerary.

10. Safari Transport: Tour cars, Pop-up safari minivans, and pop-up 4*4 Land Cruisers will be provided depending on the tour program/itinerary and number of tour participants. The company reserves the right to employ services of the same standard sub-contractors.

English, German, French, Italian and Spanish-speaking driver guides are provided upon request.


  1. After placing a booking with us, we require you to fill in a safari booking form and send it back to us.
  2. Alterations by us- We will do our utmost to provide the holiday arrangements that have been confirmed, but we must reserve the right to modify or cancel any holiday, flight schedule, accommodation or arrangement if unforeseen circumstances amounting to force majeure arise. In such circumstances we will inform you as soon as possible and, should the change be such that it alters the nature of the holiday, we shall offer you the choice of an alternative holiday or a percentage of all monies paid.
  3. Prices - We reserve the right to change our prices without prior notice on only the website rates but not to the already booked and agreed safari.
  4. The company reserves the right to decline any booking without explanation.
  5. Our Liabilities to you- It should be noted that your booking is accepted on the understanding that you come on the holiday entirely at your own risk. It is not possible for the actions or omissions of those involved in your holiday over whom we have no direct control, such as employees of airlines, hotels and transport undertakings. Naturally, we cannot assume responsibility for loss or expense due to war, riots, strikes, terrorist activities or natural disasters. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  6. Bookings are accepted subject to the transport conditions and regulations of the carriers to the laws of the countries in which such carriage is required.


Any complaints that may arise during safari travel should be communicated immediately or as it happens, to your tour manager(in writing via email/WhatsApp) for on-site attention, verification and immediate correction.

A summary of the complaints(in case not addressed on site) shall be communicated to the company in writing within 15 days of completion of the Safari tour for necessary action.

The complaints /issues raised shall be investigated and addressed within 30 days of formal complaint/issue receipt.


"Force Majeure" means any circumstances where the execution of contractual services is prevented or affected by factors beyond the reasonable control of Kwezi Safaris Limited including, but not limited to acts of God, war and threat of war, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural disasters such as weather conditions, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fire, governmental actions and other unexpected occurrences.

In these circumstances, we shall not be liable to pay any compensation or otherwise be responsible for any expenses or losses the client may incur where we are forced as a result to cancel, delay, curtail or change the clients’ arrangements in any way or where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected.

Kwezi Safaris Limited also reserves the right to accept or decline any traveller on any trip, before or during the trip should such person's mental or physical condition impede the operation of the service or the rights, welfare or enjoyment of other travellers. In this case, a refund of the unused land services is the limit of Kwezi Safaris Limited's liability to the traveller removed.

We also reserve the right to alter or modify the itinerary of any tour or relocate accommodation if schedules, security matters and/or events beyond our control make such explained above.

Travel Documents

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their passport, visa, health certificates, inoculations, or other documentation required for the trip are obtained, valid and that are all in order. Should Kwezi Safaris Limited incur any costs as a result of the failure of the client to fulfil this responsibility, such costs shall be recovered from the client.

Malaria is endemic in some parts of Africa and precautions must be taken. It is recommended you visit your primary physician or local travel clinic to review any medications or recommended inoculations. Be sure to carry your inoculation certificate with you as proof of inoculation. If you are concerned about taking any medications, check with your physician before you book your trip.

Special Requests & Important Information

The client must either directly or through their travel agent, advise Kwezi Safaris Limited in writing of any special requests or important information about themselves such as diet, physical disability and any need for special treatment or handling at the time of booking.