12 Days Kenya Wildlife and Beach Safari is among our best Kenya safari packages that you can book for an ultimate Kenya safari experience. This Safari will take you to the prime national parks of Kenya, as well as the beautiful ocean side of the country, Diani Beach, all the while staying in some of the best lodges, camps and resorts in Kenya.

Our 12 Days Kenya Wildlife and Beach Safari takes you to the world-celebrated Masai Mara National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, as well as the beautiful Amboseli National Park with huge African elephants majestically roaming the park against the backdrop of the Kilimanjaro Mountain, a view worth a postcard!

11 Nights 12 Days 24 Sep, 24 Sep, 24 Sep, and more

Day 1: Wildebeest, giraffe and spotted hyena in the Maasai Mara

In the Maasai Mara, the vast savannah stretches out, and wild nature wakes up and fights back. Here the roar of the lion echoes in the distance, while the impala and gazelle run gracefully. You will be able to see the wildebeest crossing the river bravely, and the giraffe tall, majestic and calm, while the pack of spotted hyenas lies in wait, and the cheetah sprints like an arrow. The crocodile slides into the Mara River, and the hippopotamus plunges into its dark waters. In the sky, the vulture glides with his sharp gaze, while the wood dove sings her sweet and subtle song. So get ready for an amazing and exciting safari and be carried away by the beauty of nature at its best!

Day 2: The Big Five and the Predators of the Maasai Mara

In the vast land of Maasai Mara, where the savannah stretches endlessly, inhabits the majestic African fauna, which will impress your being to the core. You will see the lion, king of the plain, with his mane blowing in the wind as he walks, and the leopard in his stealthy adventure, seeking his prey without rest. The buffalo and the elephant in the herd, the greatness of their size will amaze you, and the rhinoceros, of overwhelming strength, its imposing presence will leave you amazed. The jackals, and wild dogs of the area, together with the eagles and hawks in the sky, make up the landscape of the crown. In the Maasai Mara, you will have the opportunity to see wildlife in its fullness, a spectacle of nature without equality, which will fill you with emotion and gratitude.

Day 3: Flamingos, rhinos and monkeys of Lake Nakuru

Alas, my pen is not poetic, But I will describe delicately, The birds and mammals you will see, In Lake Nakuru National Park. The pink flamingos, beautiful and haughty, With their curving necks and long beaks, Floating on the lake like a vision, Are the pride and joy of the region. Striped and spotted zebras and giraffes Graze peacefully without rushing, While monkeys and baboons have fun playing in the nearby trees. Do not forget the rhinos, majestic and strong, The lions, the hyenas and the leopards, Who hunt at night with skill, Leaving indelible marks on reality. And so, my dear tourist, I hope I have piqued your curiosity, To explore Lake Nakuru National Park, And see the wonderful wildlife found there.

Day 4: Cook traditional meals and immerse yourself in Maasai culture in Amboseli

Welcome to Amboseli, the land of the Maasai, where the burning sun invites us to celebrate the culture and traditions of this ancient person that offer you unforgettable experiences. You will be able to cook traditional dishes with love, Know the technique of beading with skill and fervour, Learn to throw spears with force and precision And decorate your face with paint with creativity and passion. The history of the Maasai will fascinate you, Their customs and legends will make you fall in love, Their love for nature will inspire you And their hospitality will leave you amazed, without a doubt. So come to Amboseli, immerse yourself in this ancient culture and let yourself be carried away by the magic that this exceptional place offers you.

Day 5: The big cats, dinner in the Bush and Hot Air Balloon Ride in Amboseli

Welcome to Amboseli where nature will amaze you, you will see the lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal, impala and wild boar. The buffalo also walks here, in its natural habitat, a unique spectacle that you will never forget. Enjoy dinner in the savannah, under the starry sky, while the sounds of the night will leave you in awe. A cocktail to watch the sunset is a unique moment of tranquillity that will touch your heart. And if you want to see the plain from above, a balloon ride is the purest adventure. Come to Amboseli and let yourself be carried away by nature, a magical place that will bring you happiness and beauty.

Day 6: Cooking lesson on special Swahili dishes with a local chef in Diani

Oh, curious traveller, when you arrive in these lands, an adventure awaits you that you will never forget. In the Diani market, you can find the delicacies of the local cuisine to try. A Swahili chef is looking forward to teaching you, the secrets of his culinary art to share. With fresh ingredients and a touch of magic, you will prepare dishes that will make your soul vibrate. The aroma of spices and the taste of history will take you on a journey of flavours and sensations. So, traveller friend, don't think about it anymore, in Diani an unparalleled gastronomic experience awaits you.

Day 7: UNESCO historical jewels; Fort Jesus and Mombasa Old Town (Optional)

Welcome to Mombasa! If you are looking for a cultural and historical experience, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Fort Jesus and the old town of Mombasa. Fort Jesus is an impressive fort built by the Portuguese in 1593 to protect themselves from enemy invaders. It is currently a museum displaying historical artifacts and artifacts from the colonial era. Mombasa's Old Town is a maze of narrow streets and historic buildings dating back to the 15th century. Stroll through the streets and discover the local market, the Gedi Mosque and the San Francisco Church. Don't forget to try the delicious local cuisine in one of the many restaurants and cafes found in the old town. Enjoy your visit to Mombasa!

Day 8: Explore the mysterious Wasini Island and Shimoni Caves

On Wasini, the coral island, you will discover treasures of the sea, with dolphins playing around, and the soft breeze of the Indian Ocean passing by. Stroll along its white beaches, where the waves kiss the sand, and savour the delights of Swahili cuisine, with spices and flavours that are damning. In the Shimoni caves, a world apart, in silence, you will hear sighs from the past, and when exploring its mysterious depths, you will feel as if time has stopped. Discover in these natural wonders, the legacy of history and marine life, and take with you in the heart, the beauty and peace of the African coast.

Day 9: Traditional dhow sailing at sunset in Funzi Island (Optional)

Welcome to Funzi, the island of tranquillity, Where the soft and warm breeze will never cease. Climb aboard a dhow, a traditional boat, and let yourself be carried away by the Kongo River in an experience like no other. The sunset will captivate you with its unique beauty, while the sky is dyed in shades of orange and pink, the serene water will reflect the colours of the sunset, creating an impressive image that you will never forget. Paddle a canoe down the Kongo River, explore its wildlife, Marvel at the mangroves and birds flying in the sky, and Enjoy the serenity of this magical and special place, Where nature will surprise you at every turn of the way. This adventure will be a unique and unforgettable experience, in which you will immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of Kenya, so relax, breathe and let yourself be carried away by the charm of Funzi.

Day 10: Stay fit by biking to Kaya Kinondo Forest (Optional)

Mounted on your bike, you will cross dirt roads towards the forest of Kaya Kinondo, a place of history and eternal beauty. There the flora and fauna will surround you, with the sounds of birds and leaves as you walk, while the cool breeze will caress you and the golden sun will make you vibrate. In this sacred forest, you will discover the culture of the ancients, with their traditions and their rites, and you will feel their energy in every corner. So do not hesitate, and pedal towards adventure, in the forest of Kaya Kinondo you will find an experience that will fill you with tenderness.

Day 11: The turquoise blue waters, the palm trees and the white sand beach in Diani

Welcome to Diani, the land of sea and sun! Where the crystalline waters call you to play, and on the beach you can enjoy all the activities you can dream of. If you are looking for adventure, there is surfing and kayaking, or perhaps you prefer to relax and dive, the options are many, to explore. But also, if you want to rest, the sun invites you to have a drink, a refreshing cocktail, and simply breathe, on this beach that will make you fall in love. In Diani, the sea will be your companion, and the sun will give you its sincere warmth, so come and experience this paradise, where the water and the beach will be your spell.

Day 12: The end of an amazing safari

Wake up, traveller, it is your last morning in the coastal paradise of Diani, enjoy your breakfast, a feast that delights the senses, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sea breeze envelop you, and the taste of tropical juices and fresh fruit surprise. Feel the sand between your fingers and the sun on your skin, remember every moment of your safari in the savannah, the roaring lions, the majestic elephants, and the wild nature captivated you and took your breath away. But now it is time to leave, to say goodbye to this magical land, to take with you the memories and the joy in your heart, you will return home with the experience of an unforgettable adventure, and the promise of returning one day to this coastal paradise of Diani.

What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Exclusive road transport on a customized tourist Land cruiser
  • Guided game drives in parks.
  • Park entrance fee.
  • Back up tour van in case of a breakdown
  • One bottle of Mineral water per person per day.
  • Services of a professional tour guide
  • Meals on Full Board

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Travel insurance: We encourage guests to arrange for personal insurance coverage. We are more than happy to facilitate these, alongside flight bookings.
  • Tips or Gratitude’s: While most bills will include a service charge, Guests are free to tip as per their own will. • Laundry, personal toiletries and items of a personal nature: For reasons of preference, we shall not provide these. However, all COVID-19 19 Regulations and requirements shall be catered for.
  • Visas, and health certificates: Kwezi Safaris can help to facilitate these at extra fees.
  • Optional activities. Sundowners. Cultural dances and art and crafts. Guided nature walks and camps: We are more than happy to put together value packages for guests wishing to experience cultural products or mingle with local communities.