Semuliki National Park was gazetted in 1993 and covers an area of 220 square kilometres/22,000 hectares. This Park is characterized by the extensive Savannah grasslands, hot springs, Semuliki River, and lowland tropical rainforests bordered by the magical Mountains of the Moon. It is home to over 53 mammal species including several primates such as chimpanzees and over 441 bird species with some species being typical forest bird species. Much as this National park is rich in Biodiversity, it is not usually added to itineraries for safaris.

1 Day 24 Sep, 25 Sep, 26 Sep, and more Yenga, Western Region
What makes this tour special

Sempaya Hot Springs
The Hot Springs at Sempaya are Semuliki’s most attractive. Two main springs are set in a lush S\l\ clearing close to the south-eastern corner of the fore~ outer spring is just a few minutes' walk from the Ser park office. This is dominated by a boiling geyser (1 which spurts up to 2m-high from a white, iced cake-likE of precipitated mineral. Water also bubbles in small p< which eggs can be cooked.
The more distant inner spring is reached by a 30-minute that leads through a beautiful palm forest before crossing swamps on a boardwalk. This spring is broad, and the pool is about 10m across.
Sempaya – Ntandi road
The 5km section of public road between Sempaya and I village runs through one of the loveliest tracts in Uganda and provides clear views up into the forest c to spot birds and monkeys. The pretty Mungiro Falls lie in the North Rwenzori Forest Reserve, just off the Bundi road 500m beyond the park office.

Semuliki River
The Kirimia Trail leaves the main road near the iron bridge at Kirimia, 10 km from Sempaya and runs for 11km to the Semliki River, fording the Kirimia stream a couple of times on the way. The 3-4 hour walk to the river is a must for Birders seeking Semuliki Specials.
The Red Monkey trail runs from Sempaya to reach the river as it emerges from the forest. the 6-hour round trip provides opportunities to sight grassland as well as forest birds. In dry weather, it is possible to drive past the homesteads of the Batuku pastoralists east of the park to within a 10-15 minute walk of the river to look for crocodiles and waterbirds.

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