You don’t have to quit your job or give up your social life to earn real money on the side as a Kwezi safaris sharing agent. You just have to commit to setting aside some of your free time to show others around. We know a few professionals who work full-time and still find time to give recommendations for travel/ Flights and conferences a few hours each week. Some build their safari sharing time into their daily commutes; others set aside a weekend night for transporting revelers around town and suggestions for Airbnb. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you meet your earning goals.


At Kwezi Safaris, we're looking to do things differently. A new dimension on how to make safaris awesome and authentic and play a bigger role in the conservation efforts. We’re particular about who we collaborate with. 

When you team up with Kwezi, you'll discover commission opportunities, new deals each week, easy payment and so much- easy instalment payments at your convenience and so much more.


We've set a 5% commission from the total to any agent who will team up with us. We are currently recruitting countrywide, looking for agents to work on this commission:

  • Safari drivers
  • Conference/ Meetings.
  • Honeymoon planners
  • Girl/Boys trips.
  • Chamaa group trips.
  • Wazazi gratitude Safaris. 

Join our commitment to making safaris exciting and conserving our environment for our future generations.

We're Glad to Welcome you to Kwezi