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Get an extra free night when you book for 3 Nights at either Diani Sea Lodge or Diani Sea Resort. Enjoy these free night offers with our 5% discounted rate when you book through our website. Save up to Ksh. 1,035 on your stay in Diani and enjoy the spectacular views and beautiful beaches. Treat yourself to a magnificent stay at Diani Sea Resort or Diani Sea Lodge and make memories to last a lifetime in a spectacular setting fronting the famous Diani beach.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The booking should be made in advance.
  • Valid on the following tours

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    Diani Sea Resort - Tour

    Diani Sea Resort

    • 3 Nights
    • Diani Beach
    $ 189View Details
    Diani Sea Lodge - Tour

    Diani Sea Lodge

    • 3 Nights
    • Diani Beach, Kwale County
    $ 175View Details