The trade winds of the Indian Ocean brings forth the beauty that coast of Kenya. Beautiful stellar beaches, wild waters of the Indian Ocean you can play in and a revitalizing sun for that beautiful tan. Come to Kenya and sample the seaside life and also save some time for a visit in the mainland Coast where the cultures of the Coastal communities vibrate.

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Diani Sea Lodge - Tour

Diani Sea Lodge

  • 1 Night
  • Diani Beach, Kwale County
$ 58View Details
Sands at Chale Island - Tour

Sands at Chale Island

  • 1 Night
  • Chale Island
$ 130View Details
Sirai Beach - Tour

Sirai Beach

  • 1 Night
  • Kilifi, Kenya
$ 5,000View Details
PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort - Tour

PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort

  • 1 Night
  • Shanzu, Mombasa County
$ 91View Details
Neptune Beach Resort - Tour

Neptune Beach Resort

  • 1 Night
  • Mombasa, Mombasa County
$ 86View Details
Kenya Bay Beach Hotel - Tour

Kenya Bay Beach Hotel

  • 1 Night
  • Mombasa, Mombasa County
$ 101View Details
Travellers Beach Hotel & Club - Tour

Travellers Beach Hotel & Club

  • 1 Night
  • Mombasa, Mombasa County
$ 176View Details
Bahari Beach Hotel - Tour

Bahari Beach Hotel

  • 1 Night
  • Mombasa County
$ 83View Details
Mombasa Continental Resort - Tour

Mombasa Continental Resort

  • 1 Night
  • Shanzu, Mombasa County
$ 250View Details
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